Workshops and Travels to India

1. Summer & winter camp in Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy
2. Module 1: Basic Training in Bodymind Intelligence
3. Module 2: Personal and Professional Training in Bodymind Intelligence
4. Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy - 8 keys to liberate physical, psychosomatic and emotional tensions
5. Meditation and chanting
6. The intelligence of our hearts course and conferences
7. The Himalayan experience, silent walking and the intelligence of our hearts course 2020
8. Visiting the Tibetans in Dharamshala and the intelligence of our hearts course 2020 
9. A passage to India 
10. The Yoga of touch - a tantric experience


1. Winter - and summertrainings in Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy  2020

 India,  (Winter - Intelligence of the Heart), Canada (Summer )

with Ulrich Freitag

01winter-summer-camp 101winter-summer-camp 2These workshops and trainings are true a meeting of East and West, making the bridge between the intelligence of the heart and science, modern western bodymind techniques and the wisdom of the East.

In the workshops and trainings you will learn highly efficient and precise modern bodymind and acupressure techniques, communication skills and meditations. It will helps you to relieve physical, emotional and psychological tensions, to balance the energy systems and to regain a sense of inner unity and wellbeing.

On a professional level the training offers elaborate and sophisticated techniques and understandings to have a holistic approach to the human being, integrating the physical, energetical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

On a personal level the training offers highly efficient and precise ‘hands on’ tools for oneself, family and friends. It helps to rebalance the energies and to connect with the healing powers of our heart. It is truly ‘medicine for the people’.

For the content of the Summer- and Wintercamp please see below description under Module 1 and 2 under  6a and 6b and under  Professional Training

 See also our articles on touch, intelligence of the heart as well as student feedback


2. Module 1: Basic Training in Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy

02basic-campChronic headaches, neck- and back pains, psychosomatic problems, pent up emotions and you want to how to let go of them? Learn how BODYMIND - INTELLIGENCE can help you to elevate these problems, to balance your energies and to regain a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

In this very practical training we will teach some of the most effective techniques we know to relieve chronic tensions, psychosomatic issues, stuck emotions and to rebalance our energy system.

You will learn basic techniques of bodymind therapy, such as working with body awareness, body language, expression, breath, taoist acupressure, communikations skills and deep tissue massage to release tensions. You will also  learn how to integrate these techniques to work with the 'psychomuscular armouring' for the release of repressed emotions and traumas.

See here for the whole description of the training 


3.  A deeper Exploration of Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy

The back and what we put behind behind us

03-modThis training is a deeper exploration and teaching of the work with our bodymind intelligence. It gives the participant the opportunity to release chronic tensions and emotions, gain deeper understanding in the working of the bodymind, learn precise tools to work efficiently with other people and to make an assessment of a persons imbalances.

The training includes: a deeper understanding and working with the segmental approch and the armoring of the bodymind, based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, A. Lowen and others,

accurate assessment and work with the back and back problems from the angel of Chinese medicine, work with the ‘Water element’ of Chinese medicine, including the physical, energetic, psychosomatic, emotional and psychological aspects of the kidney and bladder meridians and the back.

Jin Shin- and Taoist bodymind acupressure, deep massage, work with breath, counseling and bodymind skills to release repressed emotions and balance the bodymind, working with bodymind armoring and deeply hidden emotions and traumas, understanding and exploring the ‘inner child’, the development of the intuition and psychic readings from the heart to gain access to hidden, deeper informations.

See here for the whole description of the training

See also our articles on touch, intelligence of the heart as well as student feedback.



4. Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy - 8 keys
    to liberate physical, psychosomatic and emotional tensions

A practical 3h conference, one or two day workshop

04-8keysWe carry within us the ability to access the sources of our well-being. Chronic neck-and back pains, psychosomatic problems, pent up emotions and you want to how to let go of them?

Learn how the 8 KEYS of BODYMINDINTELLIGENCE can help you to elevate these problems, to balance your energies and to regain a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

In this very practical workshop we will teach some of the most effective techniques we have found to relieve daily and chronic tensions, psychosomatic issues, stuck emotions and to rebalance the energy system: bodymind acupressure, incorporating deep tissue massage, work with emotional release, bodymind expression, counseling skills, the intelligence of the heart and active meditations.

We will introduce the 8 keys of Bodymindintelligence and work with the bodymind muscular armouring related with deep tensions. In this course we deal specifically with the segments of the neck and shoulders and how we can transfer these teachings to other areas of our bodies.

The approach of Bodymindintelligence and therapy is a true meeting between East and West, making the bridge between modern western bodymind therapy, such as the segmental approach of 'psychophysical armoring', acupressure, the intelligence of the heart, Chinese medicine and wisdom of the East. The courses in Bodymindintelligence are a true empowerment for the participants since it helps them to reconnect with their inner wisdom and healing power.

See also our personal and professional training, the articles on touch, the intelligence of our hearts, shoulders and responsibility as well as testimonies of students and clients.



5.  A Meditation course and sacred chants

05meditation-wsWelcome to all those who would like to meditate together.

Meditation is a first of all a journey to ourselves. This space is open to all, beginners and more experienced people, who feel the call to dive into the rejuvenating space of meditation.

Sitting in silence is just one of many ways to do so. We will explore meditation techniques from different traditions and masters during this time.

Meditation and celebration are very close: chanting together, movement and dance can also be wonderful doors to lead us into meditation.


A special attention is given to heart meditations from different cultures and masters, see also workshop no 6a and 6b.



 6. The intelligence of our hearts 1: heart coherence, a competence for life, work and wellbeing 

 2-3h conference, one or two days workshop                                 

 06heart wsWe give this conference-workshop for small and big groups, for organisations, educational institutions and buisinesses in english, french and german.  Please ask for special version.

Home is where the heart is. The heart is source of our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. The heart gives meaning to our lives, makes us feel connected, balanced and happy.

Our heart is scientifically proven the single most important factor for our health and wellbeing, , mental clarity, intuitive capacities, problem resolutions, even for productivity at work.

The hearts energy field is  100 times stronger than that of the mind and up to 5000 times stronger magnetic field; it creates the hormones of happiness, makes math students to have an average of 70% better notes and an up to 400% better immunesystem. The heart can align all the other systems in the bodymind. The heart is therefore the key, ‘the royal path’. That is what the sages of many traditions teach since a long time and is today proven scientific fact. 

You learn in this course clear techniques to connect with your hearts intelligence: shorter heart coherence exercises, a longer heart meditation as well as techniques of 'Bodymindintelligence' to release stress and tensions. All these techniques you can easily integrate in your daily life. You will also learn the basics to connect with our incredable 'inborn' psychic capacities when you connect with your heart.

This will bring you the opportunity to reconnect with inner peace, spaciousness and refreshing relaxation. It can help you to clear your mind in a simple and natural way, to find resolutions of problematic situations on a higher level.

This conference-workshop is part 1 of a series of workshops related with the intelligence of our hearts. See also the 'Intelligence of the heart' training part 2 and 3 below.



The intelligence of the heart 2 a 3: the physical, psychological and psychic healing potentials of our hearts 

Featuring heart coherence and heart meditations, learning of psychic readings from the heart, touch, acupressure and deep tissue massage, trauma release and scientific research.

2 to 6 days training

 27th of February - 15th of March 2020, 28th of Feb from Europe 

22nd of March - 12 of April 2020, Himalaya, Uttarkhand, India

29 of March - 11 of April 2020, Himalaya, Uttarkand, India

18th of April and 5th of September, Parimal Center, Germany

5th of September , Parimal Center, Germany

06heart wsFor introduction, see the intelligence of or hearts 6.1.

The heart is the key, ‘the royal path’ to our potentials. 

We all have these extraordinary capacities of the intelligence of our hearts and its psychic potentials lying dormant in us. We will awaken then in this training.

We will experience 'heart coherence'  on a deeper level and and explore different themes in relation with our heart intelligence: inner connectedness and peace, health and healing, conscious communication,  mental clarity, conflict resolutions and especially intuition including psychic readings from the heart.

We begin with a heart meditation, which brings us right into the space of inner calm and centeredness. This is our starting point to go into synchronicity with others. We experience the natural capacity of our hearts to perceive the other. This is also called 'heart-reading' or psychic readings from the heart. In a clear and conscious way we learn to 'work' with our intuition on this level on different themes from health issues to conflict resolution on a higher level. We experience that we all have these incredible gift of perceiving, seeing, understanding on a higher level inside of us. It is a deep intelligence -part of our human heritage- waiting to be revieled! 

With this natural expansion, we will also touch old wounds and trauma and help to release them by working with the ‘bodymind armouring’, emotional release, reconditioning and the meridians. Here we will learn a very specific acupressure technic, deep tissue massage and other bodymind technics.

Welcome to a very touching, surprising, healing and heart-full experience!

For scientific research please see also the website of the Heartmath Institute, as well as the website and ground breaking book ‘Love and Survival’ of Dean Ornish MD and world reknowned cardiologist. Also the scientific research of Candice Perth MD and her book ‘Molecules of emotions’ is significant.  Some of these techniques were taught already to thousands of people in health care institutions, leadership seminars, to priests and police force officers.

Link to video testimonial

Some testimonials of clients and students see more in our website gallery:

'In the psychic heart reading regarding my mother Ulrich touched me with eyes closed exactly where I had pain in the shoulders since several month and this without that I told him about it before. This session really healed me; the pain is gone and I had plenty of insights.' Sandra G., Psychologist

The effects of the heart meditation are amazingly tangible. I heard the instruction “connect with your heart” before, but you were the first person to actually give me simple guidance to really get there and to “host” my own heart. You teach how to catch the fish instead of giving fish to the hungry ones. You gave me a wonderful gift of feeling I can help and support and calm myself (and others) by being in deep contact with my heart and my body. I admire and appreciate the structure, the methodology of the workshop. You go from simple to more complex, from physical to psychological, from more general to personal and intimate. The timing and rhythm of the workshop are perfect. Physical, emotional, spiritual aspects take turns. You listen carefully to everyone and appreciate each and every person in the room. I cannot imagine workshop-time spent in a more effective, pleasant, enriching and heart warming way. Magda Fleková M.A ; Teacher Trainer - Methodology of ESL - Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, Czech University

In one sentence: that course was very important for me in my life. Thank you….But the most important thing that all modern medical doctors –and all other people- should know are the heart connection ‘techniques’ you gave. This is the first thing that a doctor got to do seeing his patient. The heart connection and meditation is a simple way to get much more depth and power out of every interaction between doctor and patient. Vladimr Zaitsev, M.D. Pediatric surgeon

I strongly encourage everyone to do this training of the intuitive intelligence of the heart. It really is amazing all the benefits with healing it brings and it simply comes from the heart. This is accessible to everyone and above all is the simplicity and purity of it. As a therapist, it will become natural to connect with my heart and the results it will bring. This is wouahhh! Danielle Bombardier, therapist

Fascinating discovery this ability to work with bodymind therapy and psychic reading through the intuitive intelligence of the heart! I was impressed with their accuracies! I understood the source of some injuries and I realized that we all have this potential synchronicity with each other, the potential to help each other. Marie B., Programmer




7. The Himalayan Experience 2020

A three weeks journey including meditative walking and the intelligence of the heart course

March 22 - April 12, 2020, possible also from the 29th to the 11th of April 2020

With Ulrich Freitag

This journey is limited to 8 people. 

07himalayasThis journey starts in the beautiful World Buddhidt Meditation Center and a visit of Delhi and brings us then to the Himalayan province of Uttarakhand, close the Pindari glacier and the people of the Kathi village.

From Dehli we will drive into the Kumaon Mountains where Lord Shiva reigns. We have a two nights stay in the holy city of Bageshwar. This is still 'old India' with it's cows, inscense, temples, rituals and small bazar streets.

In Song ca three hours from Bageshwar, we embark on a very beautiful, treck -mainly between 2000 and 3000m- through wonderful Rhododendron- and Pine forests, coming closer and closer to the Himalayan peaks, the Pindari glacier and views on the Nanda Devi, India’s highest mountain.

Please note that you do not need to be an extraordinary hiker for this trek but being able to walk about six hours a day. We do not need to carry our luggage, since we are supported by guides and mountain horses!

On the way we meet the people of the Kathi village, where we also stay for 5 days. These people do not have yet electricity in their homes but lots of electricity in their hearts! We experience their lives and their spirituality, - religion, shamanism, family, friendship and community matters are all naturally interwoven. It is a deeply touching experience where we all can learn from. If the dates fit, we are invited to celebrate with the people of the village one of their Pujas.

Part of the journey is daily silent walking as a form of meditation. This creates the basis to connect deeply with oneself and a truly different experience and way of traveling and sharing together. .. and do not worry there is also time to chit chat over a good meal, chant and celebrate together!

Part of the afternoon and evening we devote to the teachings and the amazing psychic capacities we all have inside of us coming right from our hearts. For the full description of this course read under workshop 6. Please read also the testemonies of the people who did a journey to India and the intelligence of the heart course with me. This journey includes the complete 'Intelligence of the Heart Course'. 

Welcome !

For detailed informations, the shedule, prices etc please write or call us:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Skype: ulrich.freitag2  tel in India +91 9529053984

See comments of the travel participants and photos on our website gallery

The travel is organised in cooperation with Tibetan Tours and Travel. 



 8. A sacred journey: The Tibetains, Dharamshala and the intelligence of the heart course 2020, 2021

 27th of February - 15th of March 2020, 28th of Feb from Europe 

 11th of March - 28th of March or 31st of March 2021, 12th of March from Europe 

With Ulrich Freitag

08indiaThis 'passage to India' brings us to meet with the Tibetans around  Dharamshala and Mc Loid Gang in the Himachal Pradesh. It's a travel where heart meditations, celebration and exercises are part of our daily routine to help us to connect with our true potentials.

The journey starts in Delhi in the World Buddhist Meditation Center and a little visit of the city.

We fly to Dharamsahla at the foot of the Himalayas. We stay 6 days in the Quartz hotel near the Norboulinka Institute and the monastry of the Karmapa.

After we drive up to McLoid Gang, where the Dalai Lama resides. It is also home to about 20,000 Tibetans and the seat of the Government of Tibet in exile. We will stay in the beautiful Tsechokling Monastry for the next week. The monastery is a short walk from the city with it’s cultural organizations, merchants, monastries, restaurants, etc.

This is a real immersion in the Tibetan culture with daily group meditations. We will visit the monastery of the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa, the Nourboulika Institute (Tibetan handicrafts), consult Tibetan doctors, hiking in the mountains ... and simply enjoy the views of the Himalayas, McLoid Gang and its inhabitants.

This environment and lively monastry where we will stay is the appropriate place for our 'Intelligence of the Heart' course, we will emerge into the mysteries of the heart. The exploration of heart meditations allows us to connect with what is already present in us; a refreshing space of joy and inner silence. We learn the amazing art of psychic readings from our hearts to embarque on a wonderful journey which is also related to touch, presence and healing (see full course description under no 6 a,b,c on the website). We also look together on how we can bring these teachings back to our daily lives.


'The call of India has brought me in a powerful and fertile ground to be available to the Presence of the Heart, to give me the necessary opening to explore and let itself reveal "The Intelligence of the Heart", the very essence of Life that has always been there. Ulrich's training and his accompaniment, both in the moments of training and in what was emerging in everyday life with all the challenges to be met, allowed me to meet me deeply, to welcome me and to abandon myself in total confidence into the process of rennaissance in and by the Heart. To take the time since my return gives me the opportunity to see today how much benevolence and vigilance Ulrich had taken of what I needed to see and to recognize.  A huge thank you to you Ulrich for this intense and wonderful journey inside and out.' 'Marie R. from Quebec, 2018'

For detailed informations, the shedule, prices, etc please write or call us:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  001-514-743-4499    Skype: ulrich.freitag2 

See comments of other travel participants and photos on our website gallery

The travel is organised in cooperation with Tibetan Tours and Travel. 



9. A passage to India

The intelligence of the heart and the Yoga of touch course

India is not only a country but also the symbol for spirituality and meditation. This journey is an invitation to explore more deeply the space the heart, touch and  the joy of meditation.

The journey brings us to Goa, this vibrant place at the sea where 'the world' meets, -a true meting pot of cultures: there is music, meditation, creativity, the shawls sellers, incense and many other interesting things... The hospitality of the native people, the wonderful beaches, the sunset at the ocean and helps us to arrive in India. 

Then we start our 6 days workshop 'The intelligence of our hearts and the Yoga of touch'. The exploration of heart meditations as well as other meditation techniques allows us to connect with what is already present in us, this refreshing space of joy and inner silence. We get to know about the intuivie capacities of our hearts, will learn psychic readings from the heart and embarque at the same time on a wonderful journey related to touch, presence and healing.

The second part of the journey you have -beside our daily exercises and meditations at the beach in the morning (12 mornings) and at sunset and several dance evenings under the open sky- the time for selforganised 'meditative excursions', like a walk in the djungel, to explore the Triacol river, the local market at Mapusa, discover the famous 'Saturday night market' in Anjuna, a spice farm etc...

And let yourself immerse in the lively and creative culture of Arambol, enjoy the sea, the present moment!

This 'Passage to India' helps people also to travel alone or in a small group in India, for example at end the journey with a visit of the ancient city of Hempi or the vibrant Mumbai, formerly Bombay.

For detailed informations, click here.

To see pictures of this journey, click here.
To read comments, click here.




10. The Yoga of touch

With Ulrich Freitag

10-YogaIn this workshop we explore touch as a Yoga: a sacred journey to become more alive and present.

We start with a meditation from our hearts and allow all the sensations, feelings, emotions and conditionings related with touch to come up. The intelligence of our hearts will free us from our social conditionings and helps the renaissance of a pure, rejuvenating experience. 

Then touch is a deeply nourishing, ‘touching’ personal experience for both, the giving and receiving person. Touch becomes then a sacred ritual, a doorway to pure presence.

This Yoga is in tantric tradition of Kashmir not limited to touching the body, it is a yoga of touching the world and letting you touched by it. This will be equally part of the course.